Live Healthy & Retire While You Work: Epigenetics, Nutrition (ft. Frankie Boyer, Lifestyle Guru)

In this week’s episode, David Adams, CFP interviews Special Guest, Frankie Boyer, Lifestyle and Holistic talk radio show host, on the topic of epigenetics, nutrition, and how to stay healthy to enjoy retiring while you work. Then, we have a blast with “Know Your Dough!” financial trivia and the “Ask David” segment where David and […]

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Healthy Living (ft. Christi Bowling, Nutritionist)

In this week’s show, David discusses four things that matter to investors – asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing, and staying in the market. Special guest, health expert, Christi Bowling, talks about the importance of healthy living and eating. Question from listeners include real estate investment, paying off your mortgage, and social security.

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Health and Wellness (ft. Rachel Holder, Healthy Living Blogger)

David shares habits of the happiest retirees and then answers your questions on various topics. Special guest Rachel Holder, avid juicer, blogger, and TV personality talks about 5 Ways to Stay Healthy after Retirement.

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