Nashville’s Growth: The Effects on our Community (ft. Former Mayor, Karl Dean)

In this week’s episode, Former Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean, discusses the growth here in Nashville and how it effects our community. Throughout the episode, Mr. Dean answers questions regarding work/life balance in the political arena. His pragmatic approach to leadership as former Mayor with a focus on jobs, education and public safety is discussed. […]

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Live Healthy & Retire While You Work: Epigenetics, Nutrition (ft. Frankie Boyer, Lifestyle Guru)

In this week’s episode, David Adams, CFP interviews Special Guest, Frankie Boyer, Lifestyle and Holistic talk radio show host, on the topic of epigenetics, nutrition, and how to stay healthy to enjoy retiring while you work. Then, we have a blast with “Know Your Dough!” financial trivia and the “Ask David” segment where David and […]

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The 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur (ft. Tom Truitt, Music Row Search)

In this week’s episode, David discusses “The 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur.” Special guest, Tom Truitt, founder of MusicRow Search (which partners executive recruitment within the entertainment industry) and also founder of Who Knew Nashville (which shares Ted Talk-type presentations from top executives around town) shares his near-death experience and life-changing career switch that […]

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Big Paychecks & Professional Athletes (ft. Brad Hopkins, NFL)

In this week’s episode, David interviews Special Guest, Brad Hopkins, former NFL player of 13 seasons, on the topic of money management as a professional athlete. In the last segment, Brad will talk about how he managed his money while playing professional football, and provide some advice for any young athletes listening today. Raymond James […]

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The Art of the 2nd Career (ft. Sherod Robertson, Music Row Magazine)

In this week’s episode, David discusses the art of transitioning into a second career. Special guest and owner of MusicRow Magazine, Sherod Robertson, talks about his decision to acquire Music Row Magazine and the process and emotions behind this transition from the financial world into the music business industry. Great questions from listeners this week, […]

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How Much Can Money Equal Happiness? (ft. Jessica Davis, Designer)

In this week’s episode, David discusses happiness and money and how the two can coincide. Special guest and local designer, Jessica Davis, talks about ways you can make your space your own on a budget. Questions from listeners include receiving an inheritance and ways on how to invest that money, how to begin saving for […]

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Healthy Living (ft. Christi Bowling, Nutritionist)

In this week’s show, David discusses four things that matter to investors – asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing, and staying in the market. Special guest, health expert, Christi Bowling, talks about the importance of healthy living and eating. Question from listeners include real estate investment, paying off your mortgage, and social security.

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Spending Money (ft. Brenton Giesey, Photographer)

In this week’s show, David discusses spending your money on experience versus material things and the psychology behind those decisions. Special guest, Brenton Giesey, an entrepreneur and incredible photographer in Nashville talks about what it is like to forego the typical corporate mindset to follow his passions. Questions from listeners include downsizing your home, what […]

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New Year’s Resolutions (ft. Andrea Rizk, Public Relations)

Special guest Andrea Rizk (PR expert) discusses the history and importance of New Year’s Resolutions, and David discusses the impact on your portfolio now that the election is over and Trump is in office. Questions from listeners include planning after divorce, rising interest rates, and retirement timelines.

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