Retire While You Work: Spotlight Interview (ft. Sherod Robertson, MusicRow Magazine)

MusicRow’s Sherod Robertson On being number one, “The Nashville Way,” and tackling fear head-on By Kara Frazier Listen to Sherod Robertson as a guest on Retire While You Work Radio here KF: I’m curious – what does your day to day look like at MusicRow? SR: We’re probably doing a minimum of 10-15 stories a […]

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Career Burnout: The 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur (ft. MusicRowSearch’s Tom Truitt)

Do you find yourself 15 years down the road in the same job that you can’t stand? Are you afraid to step out of the corporate bubble and follow your true passion from fear of failure? Do you dream of doing what you love so that you will never have to work another day in […]

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The Power Of Being And Having A Mentor

Leaders cannot be mass-produced, but are developed through life-on-life mentoring… There’s no life-change without life-exchange. – Dr. Tim Elmore, founder and president of Growing Leaders (1) Finding a mentor was simultaneously the best thing I have ever done and also the hardest to commit to- at first. Why was it so hard? Because we are […]

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The Birth Of The Second Career and How to Navigate It

You know how our parents and grandparents used to go into work every day to the same office, to do the same job with the same boss their entire adult life? They would work hard at their firm or company for 40 years and when they hit 65, they would retire, take their social security […]

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What Corporate America Has Wrong About Work

For the past 100 years, the cycle of the American career has looked something like this: get a job at a large company right out of college in your early 20s, work there for 40 years or so and retire from said company at 65 years old. At this point, the government, through social security, […]

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