What to expect from a financial advisor in Nashville

If you’ve recently moved to the Nashville area: Welcome! I’m sure you are finding it hard to pick your favorite restaurant – or even find matching socks at this point…moving is tough. However, as you settle into Music City, we think that on your punch list of moving essentials should be a non-negotiable line item: […]

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Transitions: How to budget for a new baby and still save money

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! While exciting, there is a lot of preparation involved as you begin this next chapter (don’t freak out, breathe!). From baby showers to nursery decorating to baby name books, the path up to this point has been fun but also somewhat overwhelming — especially when it comes […]

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The Right Amount of Money to Retire

Many people are fearful of retirement and may endure sleepless nights, wondering, “What is the right amount of money to retire?” My team and I want to help spark a real movement to change this old way of thinking about money and the unhealthy fears surrounding our money. The whole point of our philosophy is […]

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How Much Can Money Equal Happiness?

Can you guess how much money the happiest families of four make? In a recent study by the Huffington Post about happiness and money and how the two may coincide, it showed that at the national level, those making between $75,000-150,000 appeared to be the happiest. This suggests that making over $150,000 per year won’t […]

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The Art of a Firedrill

Last year, it hit me how so many of our clients – and many people in general – do not have an organized way to help their surviving loved ones carry on with their finances once they are no longer here. My team has witnessed spouses in distress because bills were piling up and they […]

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Are Experiences Worth More Than Material Things?

We’ve all heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.” In many ways, I believe this is true! However, what if we readjusted our thinking to see that money can, in fact, allow us the chance to have experiences that we otherwise may not be able to pursue, leading us to greater happiness? As a Financial […]

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The Magic Number And How Much You Actually Need To Retire

As we discussed in The 3 Bucket Principles, after you’ve set up your emergency fund of three to six months’ expenses, you should be saving 15 to 20 percent of everything you earn for your retirement. Even though it seems like a hard and fast rule to follow, sadly most Americans will not be ready […]

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The Slippery Slope of Credit Card and Other Bad Debt

I have listened to and personally counseled thousands of families and individuals working to get out of debt or those who finally conquered the debt that plagued their families for years. It’s hard in today’s society to avoid credit card debt when it’s a very common practice to just “charge it” or take a loan […]

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How Much Money Do You Need to Actually Be Happy?

A little bit ago I kept seeing articles about a study Princeton University’s Center for Health and Well-being conducted back in 2010. The study was titled, “High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being.” Everyone from economists and financial planners were weighing in on the subject. Even Tony Robbins’ site had a blog […]

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