How to Write Your “I Love You” Letter (ft. John Mabry, Williamson County Addiction Campuses)

In this week’s episode, David discusses how doing a firedrill‐type exercise can be beneficial when preparing your family for life events. Special guest, John Mabry, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Addiction Campuses talks about addiction recovery with an emphasis on addiction in teens of Williamson County. Questions from listeners include purchasing a vehicle, age differences […]

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Women in Financial Planning (ft. Chevonne Farler, Wealth Management Advisor)

Special guest and wealth advisor in our office, Chevonne Farler, COO and one of our Wealth Management Advisors, talks about being a woman in the financial planning industry. David Adams discusses the cost of having a child, from a financial standpoint. Our listeners’ questions are answered including the topics of life insurance, tax free bonds, […]

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