A Caregivers Story: Insight into Balancing Daily Life (ft. Kathryn Russ, Visual Artist)

In this week’s Retire While You Work episode, featured guest, Kathryn X Russ, established music television producer and visual artist, shares her story of a recent health scare with her 90-year old father that caused her to reevaluate the priorities in her life. Chevonne Farler, COO and one of our wealth management advisors, and David […]

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The Philosophy Behind “Retiring While You Work”

In this week’s episode, Chevonne Farler, COO and one of our wealth management advisors, and David Adams, CFP® and President of David Adams Wealth Group discuss the nitty gritty of how our practice approaches wealth management. We dive into how the Retiring While You Work mindset can fit into a lifestyle. Then, we have a […]

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Nashville’s Growth: The Effects on our Community (ft. Former Mayor, Karl Dean)

In this week’s episode, Former Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean, discusses the growth here in Nashville and how it effects our community. Throughout the episode, Mr. Dean answers questions regarding work/life balance in the political arena. His pragmatic approach to leadership as former Mayor with a focus on jobs, education and public safety is discussed. […]

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Public Success May Not Always Equal Money in the Bank (ft. Jamie Floyd, Songwriter)

In this week’s episode, David Adams discusses how “Public Success May Not Always Equal Money in the Bank.” Special guest, Jamie Floyd, Grammy-winning songwriter based in Nashville discusses her journey through the music industry and her struggle and the reality behind her recent success. Then, we have some fun with our two popular segments, “Know […]

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The Right Amount of Money to Retire (ft. Helen Rogers, Divorce Attorney)

In this week’s episode, David addresses the common question “how much money do I need in retirement?” from several different angles. Special guest, Divorce Attorney Helen Rogers, discusses how much money you may need to retire comfortably.

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How Much Can Money Equal Happiness? (ft. Jessica Davis, Designer)

In this week’s episode, David discusses happiness and money and how the two can coincide. Special guest and local designer, Jessica Davis, talks about ways you can make your space your own on a budget. Questions from listeners include receiving an inheritance and ways on how to invest that money, how to begin saving for […]

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Healthy Living (ft. Christi Bowling, Nutritionist)

In this week’s show, David discusses four things that matter to investors – asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing, and staying in the market. Special guest, health expert, Christi Bowling, talks about the importance of healthy living and eating. Question from listeners include real estate investment, paying off your mortgage, and social security. Keep in mind that there […]

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Spending Money (ft. Brenton Giesey, Photographer)

In this week’s show, David discusses spending your money on experience versus material things and the psychology behind those decisions. Special guest, Brenton Giesey, an entrepreneur and incredible photographer in Nashville talks about what it is like to forego the typical corporate mindset to follow his passions. Questions from listeners include downsizing your home, what […]

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