How to Write Your “I Love You” Letter (ft. John Mabry, Williamson County Addiction Campuses)

In this week’s episode, David discusses how doing a firedrill‐type exercise can be beneficial when preparing your family for life events. Special guest, John Mabry, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Addiction Campuses talks about addiction recovery with an emphasis on addiction in teens of Williamson County. Questions from listeners include purchasing a vehicle, age differences […]

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Charitable Contributions (ft. Heather Powell, TN Kidney Foundation)

David discusses the role giving plays in true fulfillment and in the lives of the happiest people, as well as strategies for year-end charitable contributions.  Special guest, Heather Powell, CEO of the Tennessee Kidney Foundation, shares why kidney health is so significant as we age.

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Community Service and Donations (ft. Tari Hughes, Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management)

In this episode we answer listeners’ questions about social security, rising interest rates, and more, and David reveals the Top 10 Places to Retire list. Special guest Tari Hughes, CEO of Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management, talks with David about giving and year end donations.

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Post-Election Investing (ft. Teddy Pins, Real Estate Agent)

David talks post-election about investing and where to go from here, and his thoughts on the election results. Real estate expert Teddy Pins is his special guest this week discussing the biggest mistakes buyers and sellers make when listing a home. Also, great questions this week from our listeners!

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Post-Election Stock Market (ft. Rachel Holder, Healthy Living Blogger)

In this episode, David talks about how to find the right financial advisor for you and your parents, his thoughts on the stock market now that the election is over, and answers the Top 5 Most Compelling Questions of the Week. Also, special guest, TV regular and well-known blogger, Rachel Holder, discusses ways to stay […]

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College Planning (ft. Karen Feamster)

David shares a heartfelt story about his father and his journey to retirement and answers the Top 5 Most Compelling Questions of the Week. Special guest, Karen Feamster, joins him to discuss ways to prepare financially for this stage of one’s life.

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Trusts (ft. Jeff Mobley, Estate Planning Attorney)

David discusses the importance of having the Retire While You Work mindset, and answers your top questions of the week. David interviews special guest Jeff Mobley, an estate planning attorney in Nashville about building a sound estate plan.

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FBI Cyber Crimes (ft. Scott Augenbaum, FBI)

Your questions of the week are answered, and David shares the flawed mindsets we often use when thinking about the market and our money and how to control them. Also, special agent from the FBI, Scott Augenbaum, discussed Cyber Security and tips to help secure your personal data.

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