What to expect from a financial advisor in Nashville

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If you’ve recently moved to the Nashville area: Welcome! I’m sure you are finding it hard to pick your favorite restaurant – or even find matching socks at this point…moving is tough. However, as you settle into Music City, we think that on your punch list of moving essentials should be a non-negotiable line item: […]

Transitions: What to Do When a Loved One Dies Checklist

death, finances, when a loved one dies

Death is emotionally overwhelming and despite any amount of preparation, it’s never an easy process. When a loved one dies, it takes a lot of energy and wherewithal to summon the strength for the financial and legal processes. At David Adams Wealth Group, we wanted to give you a checklist to ensure that you handle your […]

Transitions: How to budget for a new baby and still save money

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! While exciting, there is a lot of preparation involved as you begin this next chapter (don’t freak out, breathe!). From baby showers to nursery decorating to baby name books, the path up to this point has been fun but also somewhat overwhelming — especially when it comes […]

Spotlight Interview Sherod Robertson, Owner of MusicRow Magazine

Retire While You Work: Spotlight Interview (ft. Sherod Robertson, MusicRow Magazine)

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MusicRow’s Sherod Robertson On being number one, “The Nashville Way,” and tackling fear head-on By Kara Frazier Listen to Sherod Robertson as a guest on Retire While You Work Radio here KF: I’m curious – what does your day to day look like at MusicRow? SR: We’re probably doing a minimum of 10-15 stories a […]

Career Burnout: The 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur (ft. MusicRowSearch’s Tom Truitt)

Do you find yourself 15 years down the road in the same job that you can’t stand? Are you afraid to step out of the corporate bubble and follow your true passion from fear of failure? Do you dream of doing what you love so that you will never have to work another day in […]

The Right Amount of Money to Retire

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Many people are fearful of retirement and may endure sleepless nights, wondering, “What is the right amount of money to retire?” My team and I want to help spark a real movement to change this old way of thinking about money and the unhealthy fears surrounding our money. The whole point of our philosophy is […]

How Much Can Money Equal Happiness?

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Can you guess how much money the happiest families of four make? In a recent study by the Huffington Post about happiness and money and how the two may coincide, it showed that at the national level, those making between $75,000-150,000 appeared to be the happiest. This suggests that making over $150,000 per year won’t […]

The Top 5 Life Regrets


My therapist and good friend, Dr. Angela Thompson, shared with us a study by Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse and counselor who worked with terminally ill people for years, sharing the top 5 regrets of those in their final days. During Bronnie’s experience with these people, she collected data that when summarized below in bold, […]


The most important lesson my father has taught me is that the way you spell LOVE is T-I-M-E. As a child, I didn’t really understand what he meant (and why he was such a bad speller..haha). Ever since I can remember, I have seen my father as one of the most hard-working, dedicated people I’ve […]

The Art of a Firedrill

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Last year, it hit me how so many of our clients – and many people in general – do not have an organized way to help their surviving loved ones carry on with their finances once they are no longer here. My team has witnessed spouses in distress because bills were piling up and they […]


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